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Why Choose Us

Posted date: 15/08/2018
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Why Choose Us
  • Our tours offer you the very best that the region has to offer in term of accommodations, sightseeing and enriched cultural experiences. At the same time, you will be guaranteed highest quality services and value for your money.

  • With our direct contracts with airlines, ground operators, cruises companies, hotels, and resorts we are able to offer comprehensive travel services during your stay in Vietnam.

  •  We guarantee the best rates for the quality level of our services. We'll match any legitimate quote for comparable service that you have found independently.

  •  Book with us and have peace of mind from the time you arrive until the time you depart.

  • We provide personal assistance with your travel planning. You will be introduced to travel consultants who will not only plan your trip, but offer suggestions based on their experiences and also make all the necessary reservations.

  •  We can offer you superior guides who speak Vietnamese, Chinese, English, French and German. Many of them are multi-lingual. They are open-minded, customer services skill,  well-educated, motivated and enthusiastic young people who can impart first-hand knowledge of Vietnamese culture and history. They are required to appear and conduct themselves professionally and courteously at all times. Let our trained guides become your companion and new friends.

  • After more than 10 years in travel industry, we have the expertise that will ensure your peace of mind during the entire trip. We are proud of our expertise in creating exciting and innovative holiday packages.

  • We are here to turn your vacation dreams into reality, and ensure that you always travel in style, enjoy the best the country has to offer, hassle-and-worry free.

  • Our staff is always available 24/7 to take care all of your needs and resolve your issues as quickly as possible to provide for your safety, an uninterrupted trip and your joy of travel.You can contact us anytime for assistance via:   Mobile phone, website request, email, phone, fax, live chats.

  •  You will not be charged for any of the many services we offer. No deposits are required until you proceed with a booking.

  •  We do not charge itinerary preparation or booking fees.

  • There are no hidden fees or charges, just convenience and great service to make your trip an enjoyable experience of life time

  • We understand your need and know what to offer to you from your request. All the itinerary of us has been designed based on four important elements: Value, Pacing, Choice and Discovery

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